8 Types of Spaces that Benefit from Heat Resistant Epoxy

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Epoxy has surged in popularity in recent years. Uses range from small arts and crafts projects up to major industrial applications. 

For commercial uses such as floor coatings, one of the key benefits offered by some epoxy materials is heat resistance. 

Heat-resistant epoxy can help preserve the quality, safety, and lifespan of a concrete floor. High-quality, professionally-applied epoxy provides a completely protective and moisture-resistant layer that holds up against persistent heat. 

Where Is Heat-Resistant Epoxy a Great Choice? 

Epoxy coating for concrete floors is a dynamic solution for many active business settings. Along with a sleek, polished aesthetic, epoxy creates an extremely durable surface. 

Concrete that’s coated in epoxy is more resistant to moisture, chemicals, and solvents. A smooth epoxy surface is easily cleaned with a broom or mop. Meanwhile, the rate of wear and tear is significantly reduced. 

Is heat-resistant epoxy a smart investment for your place of business? Here are eight commercial and industrial facilities that benefit from treating concrete floors with epoxy. 

Manufacturing Facilities

The use of machinery and chemicals for manufacturing processes can generate a great deal of heat and humidity indoors. Epoxy can keep water and chemicals from damaging the floor, while also increasing slip resistance and creating a surface that’s easier to clean. 

Auto Body Shops

Working on motor vehicle engines and other auto parts can produce lots of heat. Heat-resistant epoxy is used in auto body shops to maintain a more smooth and level ground surface. Improving a shop’s floor quality leads to a more productive and safe workspace. 

Indoor Sports Complexes

For indoor sports like basketball or racket games, an epoxy coating can establish a sleek surface that’s ideal for sporting activity. 

Fast-moving sneakers create plenty of heat from friction. Heat-resistant epoxy keeps floors from wearing down due to constant foot traffic by athletes. 

Culinary Establishments

Restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments that prepare food all deal with intense heat from kitchen appliances. Lots of spills occur. Sometimes these mishaps send scalding hot liquids directly onto the floor. 

Epoxy prevents liquids from soaking deep into a concrete floor. An epoxy coating in a kitchen area also makes messy floors more attractive and easier to clean. 


Scientific laboratories where volatile chemicals are handled have special safety and maintenance concerns. 

Floor damage can occur when chemicals are spilled. Explosive or corrosive substances can cause heavy damage, resulting in costly repairs. Epoxy coating prevents or mitigates floor damage, creating a safer and more efficient lab environment. 


Distribution and storage warehouses experience lots of foot traffic. Floors in these facilities also deal with friction and heavy pressure from small utility vehicles like UTVs and forklifts.  

Wear and tear on concrete warehouse floors can be slowed down by adding a heat-resistant epoxy coating. 

Data Centers

Large computer data centers house powerful web servers. The heavy electricity load needed to run servers generates an excessive flow of heat. 

Despite temperature control measures, heat from major computer hardware systems sometimes results in floor damage. This can occur when equipment is placed near or directly on the ground, creating a long-term flow of heat onto a floor surface. 

For heat-intensive tech facilities like data centers, heat-resistant materials are needed. A high-quality epoxy coating helps maintain a safe and durable floor surface. 

Airplane Hangars

Airplane hangars are facilities that manage challenging levels of heat. Plane engines, maintenance equipment, and fuel delivery systems all involve high-heat activity. Every part of an airplane hangar’s interior, including floor surfaces, must be built to withstand intense temperatures on a regular basis. 

Treat Your Commercial Floors with Epoxy

Hydro Grind Concrete offers epoxy coating for concrete floors, as well as concrete floor polishing and concrete crack repair. 

Our epoxy work creates smooth, attractive, and durable concrete surfaces. 

Epoxy coating is a versatile solution that can be applied to floors of any size with any custom color scheme you desire. Epoxy can even be used to coat existing concrete surfaces that suffer from cracks, chips, and other defects. 

We serve customers in Southeastern Idaho. If your business could benefit from an epoxy floor treatment or other concrete finishing services, contact Hydro Grind Concrete today for an estimate. 

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