Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Crack Repair Services for Rigby, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Surrounding Areas

If your concrete pad is cracking and broken, then our crack repair service is what you need. We fill all of the cracks with a reinforced polymer that will strengthen your concrete and increase its lifespan.

Concrete surfaces are often used in many buildings because of their durability and weather resistance. However, concrete is not immune to damage and can develop cracks over time.

To prevent severe damage to your property and save on potentially costly repairs, it is important to address any cracks in your concrete as soon as you notice them. A professional service can help ensure that the damage is properly repaired for long-lasting durability. 

Common Causes of Cracks in Your Concrete

Excess Water

When the initial mixture is created for your concrete floor, an excessive amount of water can cause shrinkage as it evaporates. This creates a “pulling” effect that can cause tears and cracks in the surface.

Corrosive Material Spills 

If any corrosive material is spilled on your concrete, it can cause the surface to deteriorate over time. This may lead to larger cracks and a shorter lifespan for your floor.

Poor Foundation or Base Preparation

If the foundation or base of your concrete is not properly prepared, it can lead to movement and cracking over time. For example, if the concrete is poured on frozen earth, it can shift when the weather warms and cause cracks to appear.

Natural Wear and Tear

If your floor experiences high foot traffic or business activity, this natural wear and tear can cause the concrete to degrade over time.  These areas should be inspected regularly for any potential signs of damage so that they can be identified and repaired as soon as possible.

Overloading the Surface 

If you place too much weight or pressure on an individual concrete slab, it can cause the surface to crack. This is often seen on floors that withstand high amounts of foot traffic or have to bear the weight of heavy equipment.

Why Repairing Concrete Cracks is Important

Prevent Further Damage

After cracks appear on the concrete surface, they will continue to crack and erode. By repairing the surface, you can prevent the problem from worsening and leading to greater issues, including ones that could affect the structural integrity of your building.

Improved Aesthetics

Repairing cracks will also improve the appearance of your concrete surfaces. Once we fill them in, they will be unnoticeable, and your concrete will look new again. This can create a more attractive surface in your home, business, or other property.

Prevent Leaks in Your Building

If the concrete surface is not repaired, water can seep into the cracks and cause leaks in your building. This can result in further water damage and accelerate degradation.

Increase the Longevity of Your Concrete

Repairing concrete cracks will also help to increase the longevity of your concrete. By stopping further damage, you can keep your concrete in excellent condition for many years to come.

Avoid Further Costs 

By repairing concrete cracks as soon as they appear, you can prevent further damage and avoid the need for more extensive and costly repairs in the future. This can save you a significant amount of money over time while also providing you with a better-looking surface for your home or business.

Our Approach to Concrete Crack Repair 

We recommend that you contact a professional as soon as you notice a crack in your concrete. For our customers in Eastern Idaho, we respond in a timely manner and treat the damage with a reinforced polymer.  This helps to create a seamless finish that not only provides a sleek and even appearance but also helps prepare the concrete for other treatments, such as polishing or epoxy coating

Get Concrete Crack Repair for Your Eastern Idaho Property 

Our team at Hydro Grind Concrete repairs concrete cracks for residential and commercial properties in eastern Idaho, including Rigby, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and surrounding communities. If you are looking to have your own surface repaired, contact us today for more information. 

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