Commercial Concrete Floor Contractors: The Quality Difference


A beautiful concrete floor is an asset to any commercial space. 

A properly-finished and well-maintained concrete surface checks all the boxes for commercial flooring: it’s a cost-effective and durable material that can be colored to match any design.

However, as with any flooring material, damages and wear and tear necessitate occasional repairs. 

When your floor needs work, satisfactory repairs require the expertise of a professional concrete contractor. 

Do-It-Yourself Vs Professional Concrete Floor Work 

Concrete repair might appear to be within the “DIY zone” for handy business owners. However, do-it-yourself attempts to remedy cracks, holes, or other damage to your concrete surface could actually make the problems worse if the work isn’t performed properly. 

If you choose to work with a professional crew for your concrete repairs, here are the top benefits you can expect to enjoy. 


Concrete professionals are equipped with knowledge and experience. When working with a professional crew, your concrete floors will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Expertise also involves having the right tools for the job. The equipment needed to finish concrete surfaces is highly specialized—unique tools are required for tasks like grinding and sealing concrete. 

Familiarity with concrete finishing machinery and materials ensures a smooth, even, and aesthetically-pleasing result. 


Handling uncured concrete and epoxy chemicals can be messy at best and extremely dangerous at worst. 

Concrete is a versatile construction material. However, it’s not something that most craftspersons are used to working with. 

Concrete contractors have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to complete the job in a timely manner while ensuring the safety of all involved. 

Along with the work process, the finished result can pose safety hazards as well if the job isn’t handled by experts. 

For example, ending up with an uneven floor surface could create an unsafe workspace for employees at your facility. Slanted or inconsistent floors create tripping hazards and could expose deeper layers of concrete to corrosive chemicals during spills. 

Attention to Detail

A concrete floor can chip and crack if placed under frequent wear and tear. Fortunately, the surface can be repaired and restored to a sleek and beautiful appearance. 

If the work is done well, your floor will end up looking better after repairs than it did before the damages occurred. 

There are a number of do-it-yourself concrete repair products on the market. However, DIY concrete work usually doesn’t stack up against the attention to detail and thorough service that a professional team provides. 

Repairs to cracks, chips, holes, and erosion by a professional contractor will stand the test of time, making your investment worth every penny. 


Concrete floor contractors possess a wealth of resources that help you customize the appearance of your concrete floor surface. 

Products like pigmented epoxy coating can be used to bring your unique design goals to life. 

You can include features such as:

  • Custom floor colors
  • Creative designs
  • Marked boundary lines, like those on an indoor basketball court

A concrete floor contractor can help you plan every detail of your project, coming up with the perfect design and color scheme. 

Consistency and Efficiency 

Repairing concrete floors can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Most business owners would rather stay focused on their day-to-day operations, rather than devote manpower to a DIY floor repair.

On the other hand, there are professional teams that are 100 percent devoted to creating and restoring excellent concrete surfaces. Leave your floors in the care of an experienced professional to ensure a consistently smooth, durable, and attractive workspace. 

Work with East Idaho Concrete Floor Contractors for Your Commercial Space

For your East Idaho concrete repair and finishing jobs, get in touch with Hydro Grind Concrete. 

Our expert concrete services include:

  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Concrete epoxy coating
  • Concrete crack repair

We transform residential and commercial concrete floors into beautiful, functional spaces. 

For more information on expert restoration for your concrete floors, check out the Hydro Grind Concrete portfolio or read more about our services
To discuss your next concrete project, fill out our contact form here or give us a call at 208-534-7130.

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