Does Your Business Need Commercial Concrete Floor Refinishing?

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Concrete is an ideal floor surface for many active commercial spaces. Finished concrete is incredibly strong, easy to clean, and forms a sleek and attractive aesthetic. 

However, like any floor material, concrete occasionally needs a touch-up. Fortunately, re-finishing, rather than replacing, can bring many concrete floors back up to showroom-quality condition. 

Common Threats to Concrete Floor Finishes

Various risk factors can lead to concrete floor damage. The following threats are the most likely reasons that your concrete floor may be due for refinishing. 

Installation Issues

If a concrete floor’s original installation was faulty, resulting defects will start to appear over time. As the concrete settles, unevenness from the installation may lead to cracks, holes, and other problems. 

Corrosive Chemicals

Chemical reactions on your floor can result in concrete corrosion. Unfinished concrete is porous and can allow chemicals to seep into and under the floor. If your workplace requires frequent use of corrosive chemicals, it’s best to maintain a fresh finish on your concrete floor.  

De-Icing Materials

If your concrete floor is exposed to the elements, you might occasionally need to apply de-icing substances during winter. 

Rock salt (sodium chloride) is a go-to for de-icing, but it’s extremely corrosive on concrete. If your concrete floor has endured heavy contact with sodium chloride, the finish might be worn out and in need of a new treatment.  

Water Damage

Finished concrete floors have terrific moisture resistance, but they’re not invincible. Frequent exposure from water sources like leaks and spills can eventually wear down a concrete floor’s defenses, leading to issues like discoloration, mold, and cracks. 

Freeze-Thaw Cycle

If water is able to enter your concrete floor through cracks or pores, changes in temperature could result in structural damage. As water freezes, it swells. The freeze-thaw cycle puts varying amounts of pressure on the concrete, causing cracks or making existing cracks wider. 

Fire Damage

Even if you’ve cleaned up after a fire and everything seems in order, there may be lasting damage to your concrete floor. Flames damage the elasticity of concrete, making the material more rigid and susceptible to cracking and chipping. 

Signs Your Concrete Floor Needs Refinishing

Is your concrete floor showing signs of age? Look for these indications that your floor is ready for a professional refinishing job. 

Inconsistent Texture

Your concrete finish should present a consistent color and texture. Variations in the appearance of different parts of your floor suggest that some form of damage has occurred. 

Surface Isn’t Level

A sloping surface may be the result of faulty installation. When your concrete floor isn’t level, it can present tripping hazards and may also cause moisture to pool up upon or under the surface on one side of the room. 


Changes in the color of your concrete floor could indicate problems such as chemical damage. Or, discoloration may simply be an aesthetic concern in your commercial setting. 

Epoxy Coating Is Wearing Down

Epoxy coating is a durable and beautiful finishing option for concrete. An epoxy finish can last for many years, but eventually will start to wear down and need a new coat. 

The Building Recently Suffered a Leak or a Fire

Has your building endured a fire or a water-damaging event such as a flood or leak? Even if your cleanup work has your space looking like-new again, your concrete floor may be compromised. 

Fire, water, and chemicals can all change the physical structure of concrete, making it more vulnerable to issues such as cracking. 

The Floor Lost its Sleek and Polished Appearance

A fresh concrete floor finish is both functional and attractive. If your floor is no longer nice to look at, it might be time for refinishing—especially if your concrete surface is part of a space that serves customers. 

Visible Cracks, Holes, or Chips

Physical deformities like cracks, holes, or chips are chinks in your concrete floor’s armor. These defects worsen over time and allow water and chemicals to penetrate the concrete’s surface. If your floor is showing visible openings such as cracks, it’s time for a new finish. 

Concrete Floor Refinishing in Southeast Idaho 

Hydro Grind Concrete provides superior concrete services in Southeast Idaho. 

We offer the following:

To learn more about refinishing your commercial concrete floor, contact Hydro Grind Concrete today. 

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